Friday, August 30, 2013

Grandpa's Birthday Cake

Today I brought my grandpa this cake that I made for his birthday, as a one-day belated gift.

I went for a nautical themed cake because Grandpa was in the Navy when he was younger, and he has owned several boats throughout the years.
This boat was fondant, though. :)

My grandpa is the best there is. I always enjoyed going over to my grandparent's house when I was younger, and I still enjoy it very much. When I was growing up, I would love to go to their house and do one of the many puzzles they kept around for their grandchildren. I loved to play my favorite game that they had with my sisters. It was a picnic game that flung plastic ants when a timer went off. My sister and I would take the ants and arrange them in a trail throughout the house and try to convince my grandparents that they had ants invading. I don't think they ever believed us. ;) They also had a Snow White board game that came close with the picnic game in the ranks. Probably one of my favorite memories with Grandpa is when he would take a nap in his recliner and my sisters and I would pile all the toys we could find on top of him, until only his limbs were visible, trying not to wake him up. I found out years later that between the excited squeals and laughter of four girls ages 3-9 and the weight of the numerous toys, Grandpa wasn't really asleep the whole time. Unbelievable.

This is Grandpa. The wonderful man that I wouldn't be here without.

So, once again...

                                                      ...I hope it was just as great as you are. :)