Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Flowers

I started my last level of Wilton classes a little over a week ago. This level is learning how to make even more flowers. The first class we made button flowers and pansies out of gum paste and fondant, and the second class we piped the Wilton rose out of royal icing. My piping definitely needs more work.

Here are the button flowers and pansies:

These are all my attempts at piping the Wilton rose:
Like I said, my piping needs more work.
Out of all of the roses, this one is my favorite, so it gets the close up.
No, the edges aren't supposed to be jagged, I just wasn't squeezing the icing bag hard enough because I hadn't done any serious piping lately, so my hands got out of shape. I was told to squeeze tennis balls in my spare time to strengthen the muscles, so I'll work on that. 

When I got home I decided to try piping some flowers that I hadn't yet learned in class. I tried daffodils and lilies.
The lone pink one was before I decided to make a new batch of icing, and it was what I had left over from the roses. When I made a new batch of icing I fiddled around with different color combinations to see which one I liked best. I think the white petals with the yellow middle is my favorite.

Any tips and suggestions are always welcome!

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