Saturday, December 17, 2011

Character Cake

I'd never made a character cake before, so I decided to finally make one so I could add it to my repertoire.

We've had the pan for this little guy sitting away in a cabinet since my older sisters and I were toddlers and my mom made him for our birthday cakes. So, since we already had the pan, why not make it? Not to mention, he's pretty cute. 

I used Wilton tip #18 for his whole body and the bow, and for the lines of his mouth I used tip #3. For part of it I tried using tip #2010, which pipes 3 stars at a time, but I didn't feel like I had as much control as I did with tip #18 and I couldn't see exactly where the stars were going, so I switched back to #18. Yes, it took longer, but I liked it that much better.

Just look at that cute face!


  1. AW!!! He's sooo cute =D And I like the piping you did because it makes him look fuzzy. I bet the eyes were hard to get perfect, but he's really adorable ^^

  2. Thanks! And yeah, you're right, it does make him look fuzzy!


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